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Brief Introduction

Owning the leading international position, Guojia boasts a proprietary hydrogel preparative technique. The company owns 50 proprietary intellectual property rights, 1 national significant achievement, 3 provincial and municipal major scientific and technological achievements, as well as multiple first prize accolades, including the “First Cooling Gel Patch Manufacturer”; “No. 1 National Cooling Gel Patch Market Share”; “First Intelligent Gel Removal Equipment for Heavy Metal - No.1 in Heavy Metal”; as well as the first gel industry chain distributor.

Guojia has already successfully developed three major gel core materials - HMG8631, HMG8632 and HMG8633 - and five major market gel core products – i.e. the gel medical device patch, gel medical patch, gel cosmetic patch, gel home appliance, and gel heavy metal absorption equipment. Guojia also has multiple market-oriented products, which include gel decorative articles, gel water retention slow release fertilizer, gel 3D printing materials, aerogel, and so on. The applied range of products spans multiple fields, including medicine and medical treatment, daily chemicals, household articles, treatment of sewage sludge, artificial stones, etc.

Guojia owns multiple subsidiary brands, i.e. Bingbing, Bingqing, Evasty, Skin Secrets of Jelly, Bemelody, Jiajia Pin'an, etc. In 2014, the star product, Bingbing, accumulated hundreds of millions in sales volume.

In 2015, Guojia successfully landed in the New Three Board (Code: 833295). In the future, Guojia will spare no effort to maintain existing product advantages and provide for the three major gel industry chains: Hydrogel healthy living goods industry chain, aerogel energy-saving building material industry chain, and environmental protection gel industry chain. Guojia New Material will undoubtedly break the sound barrier with abundant strength and capital wings!

 Certified information: Guojia New Material passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO13485 medical device quality management system. Product quality satisfies international standards.