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Popularizing Science of Material

Aerogel (in English) is also called xerogel. After chemical reaction, sol is formed and gel is obtained by gelation. With the exception of gel solvents, it is filled with gas in the spatial net structure, appearing as a cellular material with extremely low solid density (close to air density).

Product Features

Due to translucent color and ultralight weight, aerogel is sometimes called “solid smoke” or “frozen smoke”. Though seemingly fragile, the new material is actually sturdy and durable, capable of bearing temperatures up to 1400℃. These aerogel features have multiple purposes in spaceflight detection. The Russian “Peace” and American “Mars Pathfinder” space stations have applied aerogel materials. Aerogel may be the ideal phase change energy storage heat preservation material, catalytic carrier, dampening and high-efficient material.

Product Application

With current developed aerogel products, the company focused on reducing costs. In the future, it will utilize proprietary technology to forge a complete aerogel energy-saving building material industry.

a) Oil exploitation——high temperature steam injection pipe insulation solutions
b) Oil refining——refining unit, medium pipeline insulation, resulting in energy savings and economic benefits.
c) Chemical and pharmaceutical——pipelines, oil furnace insulation
d) Urban heating network——the urban heat network wire insulation
e) Rail transport——land transport of high temperature insulation and water transport of cold insulation
f)New energy vehicles——lithium cold and high temperature insulation, ensure that the battery life
g) Solar thermal——equipment and piping insulation solar heating system, improve the conversion efficiency.
h) Industrial equipment——temperature industrial equipment and industrial furnace insulation
i) Energy saving building materials——the superior performance of airgel plasterboard, insulation of airgel daylighting glass
j) To live, work heat protection——lightweight and flexible aerogels gloves
k) Indoor PM2.5 Protection