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Environmental Protection Gel

Popularizing Science of Material

HMG8632 environmental protection gel material is equipped with absorption and circulation characteristics, and can be used in industries related to heavy metal removal in wastewater, sludge and polluted soil, dying discoloration, spinning, daily water purifying plants, etc. The company has already brought numerous products to market, i.e. heavy metal absorption gel ball, no. 1 heavy metal, gel flocculent and water-retaining agent.

Gel heavy metal absorption material, a new-type environmental material, adopts non-metallic mineral-polymer composite technology to add compound absorption materials, which provide diverse absorption for different metals. By focusing on different categories and concentrating on heavy metal, the company developed various gel absorbent materials, which won’t generate secondary pollution in the removal process of heavy metal and won’t damage other substances (aside from heavy metal). Furthermore, absorbent material can be recycled. The company’s technological level already meets advanced international standards.