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Popularizing Science of Material

Hydrogel is a new basic material with ecological and intelligent-controlled release functionality. A polymer material, it is the general term of high polymer materials with 3D network structure and specialty function groups.

Product Characteristics:

Developed by the company, HMG8631 intelligent water retention gel material is equipped with high inclusive characteristics, plasticity and intelligent delayed release. It can be widely applied to multiple fields, including medicine and medical treatment, plastic surgery, daily chemicals, hygienic products, household articles, drought resistance and moisturizing, keeping food fresh, fireproofing heat preservation, etc. The material is applied during the manufacturing process to the gel core product patch, which boasts over 80% water content and it has been market verified for over 15 years. Product quality is safe and stable. The company’s technical level meets international advanced levels.

Product Application

Water absorption gel healthy living goods industry contains three major products: gel patch, membrane and cloth)

Medical gel series(gel patch):Medical products、Bingbing cooling gel patch、Warm patch、Cold patch
Hairdressing pad pasting series: Beauty products、Mask、Eye mask、Foot mask
Daily packaged mass consumption goods(gel non-woven fabrics): Paper diaper、Sanitary pad、Wet tissue
Household articles series: Mattress、Pillow