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After being identified by domestic and overseas experts for many times, the hydrogel preparative technique developed by the company automatically is kept in the international leading level. At present, the gel materials developed by the company mainly include HMG8631, HMG8632-X and HMG8633.

HMG8631 is the core material of producing various gel core products, breaks through the pattern that critical gel materials are monopolized by foreign manufacturers, and realizes domestic replacement and transcendence perfectly. Moreover, water retention hydrogel core technology thus forms the core competitiveness of sustainable development in the company.

HMG8632-X is the core material of heavy material pollution governance. By using unique characteristic of gel materials, it can composited with other materials to obtain 12 heavy metal adsorption gel material combinations. This is the breakthrough innovation of compound pollution of heavy metal and “removes” heavy metal from sewage, sludge and polluted soil”.

HMG8633 is the new-type polymer gel environmental healthy resin material required by artificial stone. By upgrading and replacing resin materials, performance index of artificial stone, including strength, density, viscosity, color and antibiosis, etc., can be improved. Thus, artificial stone will be healthier, more environmental and artistic.