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Gel Industrial Park

Park Origin

In order to forge an industry ecological chain for Guojia New Material, the Company reached an investment agreement with Xiantao People’s Government in 2014. It planned to invest 100 million Yuan to establish a Hubei Environmental Gel Industrial Park of Guojia New Material. The park has registered 3 companies. The phase I project will be completed and constructed in the beginning of 2016. After construction, annual volume will reach 1 million Yuan. Revenues will reach 10 million Yuan. The project is located in the Xiantao New Material Industrial Park. Now, there are 20 enterprises in the park, including the most potential enterprises named Dongjiang Environmental Co., Ltd, Hubei New Blue Sky Co., Ltd, Hubei Green Home Co., Ltd, and Hubei Xianlong Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Park construction

Hubei Environmental Gel Industrial Park Co., Ltd mainly engages in R&D, promotion, manufacturing and sales of polymer gel core materials in healthy and environmental fields. At present, it aims at producing HMG863C three major series of polymer gel materials, preparing and selling seaweed. At the same time, it also establishes new-type building materials and new material wholesale market, and showcase of all products in the park, develops an internet network sales platform, and specializes in selling disposable medical products and infant & mom nursing materials made by gel+ functional non-woven fabrics.